Create your sex doll

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We offer face customization for 1350 USD 2199 USD (excluding price for the body). Best price on the market.

Example of a customized face (to the right of the picture).

For customization 2 rules applies.

Rule 1. Customization according to a real-life image: the person needs to give allowance to such creation.

Rule 2: Customization will be made according to your hand-drawn or computerized image. This alternative needs no approval due to that it is a unique image. You must own the rights to the image.

You can choose between the body types below for your customized doll:

Height/Breastshoulder(cm)bust(cm)waist(cm)hip(cm)leg length(cm)arm length(cm)weight(KG)
D-140 cm L33804876665325
D-140 cm M33764874665325
D-148 cm L35824878685827
D-148 cm M35784876685827
D-155 cm341055080765536
D-158 cm L33855085805833
D-158 cm M36805080786433
D-158 cm slim36904080786433
D-162 cm fat body3610550115826455
D-165 cm36885088836436
D-168 cm big ass big breasts36935095846538
D-168 cm muscle body36885088846538