Maritza (JT168NBBLONDIE)


Maritza (JT168NBBLONDIE)

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On the lookout for to fulfill your sexual needs with a lifelike sex doll? Then sex doll Maritza is perfect for you. She is made of 100% medical-TPE silicone which makes her body feels just like a real woman.

Her deep vagina will provide a firm comfortable grip around your limb at the penetration and her anal promises tingling pleasant feeling during penetration. She has a skeleton made of artificial multiplex metal with the latest professional technology. Sex doll Maritza will brighten your day with its true-to-life feeling.

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Why buy sex doll Maritza?

Certified silicone by ROHS, REACH and FDA.

Body of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) silicone with a human realistic skin feel.

Metal skeleton with human mobility.

 Lenght 168 cm 168 cm big

height without head(cm)

150 cm 150 cm

Neck circumference(cm)

28 cm 28 cm


37 cm 37 cm


80 cm 87 cm

under bust(cm)

62 cm 58 cm


58 cm 50 cm


80 cm 87 cm

arm length(cm)

61 cm 61 cm

hands (cm)

15 cm 15 cm

leg length(cm)

90 cm 90 cm


21 cm 21 cm


12 cm 12 cm


16 cm 16 cm


14 cm 14 cm


32.4 kg 33 kg


160*42*31 cm

154*41*29 cm

Gross weight

45 kg 48 kg


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Standing Function

With Standing Function, Without Standing Function

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