Sex dolls - beginners guide to adult dolls 2019

Sex dolls - beginners guide to adult dolls 2019

Sex dolls – beginners guide to adult dolls 2019

If you are interested in buying a sex doll but are unsure of which doll you should choose, you should read our beginner’s guide with basic information about realistic sex dolls.

Why should I buy a sex doll?

If you’re tired of masturbating or using regular sex toys like dildos or torsos and you’re looking for a more realistic sexually satisfying experience. Sex dolls can also help you solve intimacy problems like lack of intimacy. Or if you have problematic relationships with your sex partner. In addition, sex dolls can help you please your sexual needs if you have no sexual partner, or you do not have the time to find a sexual partner. But a sex doll is more than just a realistic sex toy. Because a sex doll is a faithful partner who can even cure loneliness and the need to be close to someone in your everyday life. For example, having someone sit next to you or someone to hug and touch. But the use of sex dolls does not end there. You can also donate a sex doll as a fun and odd gift to someone. Or why not use a sex doll for an art project such as a fashion show or photo shoot for a creative art project.

What kind of sex doll should I buy?

Everything depends on your taste of women or men. If you are a woman, you can buy realistic TPE male sex dolls. If you are a man you can buy realistic female sex toys. Female sex dolls are made of TPE silicone material and are available in all types of body types and body characteristics. Popular female sex dolls range from 140 to 170 cm in height and can have all kinds of body shapes. From curvy and slim to fat. There are sex dolls with big breasts or dolls with big ass. There are also sex dolls with small waist. In other words, the possible combinations of body types are virtually endless and it is only your personal preferences that set the limits. You can buy female sex dolls with different ethnic races such as Asian, European, Latin or Black appearance. When it comes to male sex dolls, you can find male sex dolls in TPE silicone with different body types. Both female and male TPE sex dolls have one thing in common: they are ultra-realistic. Your choice of sex doll also depends on your goal with the sex doll. Do you simply want a realistic sex doll to please your sexual fantasies? Do you want a sex doll that complements you and your partner’s sex life? Are you bi, lesbian or gay and want to spice up your or you and your partner’s sex life with a realistic sex doll that can be integrated into your sexual acts? In the end, it is about your personal preferences.

Is it strange to own a sex doll?

Absolutely not. Sex dolls are a natural part of the development within our society. With the increased social isolation and the lack of sexual contact caused primarily by the technological development in the dating industry, sex dolls today have found a natural part of our sexual lives. Owning a sex doll is as accepted as watching porn or owning a conventional sex toy such as a fleshlight or dildo.

Should I buy a cheaper or more expensive sex doll?

The cheapest sex dolls cost as little as $ 769. If you have tight budget and want to buy your first sex doll, it can be smart to buy a purchase of a cheaper sex doll being the best option. Even with a cheap sex doll, you get most of the benefits from a sex doll with a higher price. But if you have the money and want the most realistic features, you should buy the most expensive sex dolls with platinum silicone material. Platinum silicone is silicone of the highest possible quality and is used in medical devices and, for example, on a baby bottle.

Should I buy a ready-made sex doll or a custom doll?

If you find a sex doll that exactly matches your taste, you can buy a ready-made sex doll. If not, most sex dolls can be tailored to your taste. You can customize each sex doll by choosing from options such as eye color, skin color, vagina hair, standing function and even more advanced adaptations such as heat function or sound function.

Can a sex doll be positioned in my desired sexual position?

Yes, all sex dolls have flexible metal skeleton that allows you to position the body of the sex doll in any possible human body position.

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