Adult dolls – answers to all your questions about sex dolls 2019

Adult dolls – answers to all your questions about sex dolls 2019

Adult dolls – answers to all your questions about sex dolls 2019


If you are interested in buying a realistic sex doll then you probably have questions about love dolls. We have collected all possible questions about adult dolls 2019 and provided you with the best answers. Read below.



Adult love dolls – answers to all your questions about sex dolls 2019


Can I use perfume on silicone sex dolls?

Yes, you can. But, with some caution. Be sure to avoid perfumes that contain alcohol as they may damage the TPE sex doll. Spraying perfume directly on the best sex doll’s body can damage the silicone. To avoid damage, spray perfume on the doll’s wig and clothes.

Can I use makeup on realistic love dolls?

We recommend that you use water-based makeup on sex dolls, because oil-based and chemical-based makeup can damage the doll. Avoid using lipstick because it can discolor the silicone.

Can I pierce life like sex dolls?

Yes, it possible. But please inform us about this before the production of your doll we can arrange the piercing.

What type of skeleton is built in the sex dolls 2019?

Sex dolls have a multiplex metal skeleton of stainless steel which is flexible and can be adjusted to create any sexual position. There will be slightly visible screw holes on your doll inside the feet and legs. It is completely normal for the doll to have slightly visible screw holes and this is nothing you should worry about.

How to clean the wig on a love doll?

Remove the wig from the silicone sex doll’s head and clean the wig with a mild shampoo and conditioner. It is best to dry the wig naturally, for example, by using a wig stand and then gently comb the wig from the bottom to the top. Take off the wig from the doll when you comb the wig.

How do I attach the head to the body of an adult sex doll?

Screw the head clockwise to attach it. To disassemble it, unscrew the head counterclockwise. Make sure to not fasten the screws too hard as it might damage the silicone doll 2019.

Can I change the position of the body of a silicone sex doll? 

Yes, sex dolls have a built-in flexible metal skeleton of stainless steel which means that you can position the sex doll in any exposition. In other words, you can position the doll in doggy, cowgirl or any other humanly possible sexual position.

Can the skin be damaged on silicone love dolls?

Yes, but only if you dress the silicone sex doll with dark fabrics and tight clothes. If you still want to put dark clothes on the doll then you must make sure to wash the clothes properly before dressing the doll in dark clothes. In addition, you must make sure to not store the sex doll with clothes on. To avoid damage to the skin of the silicone sex doll, you should wear the doll with light and loose fitting fabrics.

Can I warm up the body of a real silicone doll?

Yes, you can. Most sex dolls 2019 has the ability to include a heating system which means that you can heat up the whole body of a realistic sex doll. When you have a sex doll with a heating system you can adjust the body temperature with a regulator. To heat up the body of your adult love doll, plug the power cord into the connector that is located in the neck of the sex doll. Wait for approximately 30 – 45 minutes for the doll to heat up and then disconnect the power cord from the back of the neck. The doll will keep the heat for up to 4 hours after you have heated the body.

Remember to never have sex with sexy silicone dolls while you heat up the doll. And always make sure to disconnect the 220V AC power adapter.

Can I change the sound on realistic sex dolls with sound function?

You can switch between several different sounds and you can easily adjust the volume on the sound recordings.

Can I bath adult dolls?

Yes, you can. But make sure to not expose your sex doll to extreme cold or warm temperatures. When it comes to extreme heat, make sure to never expose the realistic sex doll to temperatures more than 104 degrees.

How do I clean the vagina on a realistic sex doll 2019?

You can use several different methods to clean the vagina on your sex doll. The first cleaning method involves a shower head. Make sure to wash the vagina with lukewarm water and adjust the strength of the water pressure to wash the vagina properly.

The second cleaning method is to use a vaginal rinsing tool which is included with our realistic TPE sex dolls. You can use it to wash the insides of the vagina.

If you buy a sex doll with a removable vagina then you can easily remove the vagina and wash it separately in the shower.

Please remember to always wash the vagina after you have used the doll.

Does the life like sex dolls contain any dangerous materials?

No, absolutely not. All sex dolls are free from dangerous materials and substances that can cause allergic reactions. The material of the sex dolls are certified by ROHS, REACH & FDA.

Can i use lubricants on the sex dolls?

Yep. You can use vaseline or water-based lubricants to lubricate your realistic TPE sex doll 2019.

How do I wash the skin on my TPE love doll?

You can use lukewarm water. After you have washed the skin, please use baby powder on the skin to absorb any eventual moisture. In addition, the baby powder keeps the skin shin and smooth.

Can I customize a sex doll according to my taste?

We can do that for you. Please read more about how you can create your sex doll on the main menu of our website.

What sizes of sex dolls can I buy?

We well sexy sex dolls with heights between 140 cm – 170 cm.

What is the difference between a built-in vagina and a removable vagina on love dolls?

A built-in vagina is included in the doll and cannot be removed from the body. If you buy a realistic sex doll with the removable vagina, you can remove it from the body to clean it in a much easier way. After you have cleaned it you can simply re-attach it to the body. The main advantage of a removable vagina is that the cleaning process becomes much faster.


What is the life-span of an adult love doll?

The life length of adult sex dolls is at least 10 years. If you treat your love doll gently and follow the instructions for cleaning and storage then the adult love doll will last for longer than 10 years.


How do I clean and dry a sex doll?

  • You can easily clean your sex doll after you have used it in the shower with lukewarm water and mild shampoo. Always be sure to remove the head and wash it separately with lukewarm water and mild shampoo. Avoid exposing the neck for water.
  • To wipe the head of the doll, you should let it dry naturally and never use any hair drier or any other external heating system.
  • To wipe the face of the doll, you should use a wet cloth and mild antibacterial shampoo.
  • To dry the doll, use a soft towel and wipe the realistic sex doll gently.
  • When you have cleaned your love doll properly you should use baby powder and use the included brush to gently brush the skin afterward. This ensures that the skin remains smooth and shiny.

Please note: wash the doll every 30 days to keep the sex doll clean.

How do I treat the skin on adult dolls to make sure it remains smooth and glossy?

The primary thing you should do to keep it smooth and beautiful is to use baby powder on the skin of your love doll. The baby powder prevents the skin to become sticky as well.

Can I take out my sex doll and keep it under the sun?

No, you should avoid this. Because direct sunlight can damage the surface of the silicone.

Are there any materials that I absolutely should keep away from my sex doll?

  • Yes, you should avoid exposing sex dolls to the following materials:Items that contain ink (newspapers)
    Dark colored leather material that contains oil-soluble pigment.

How do I storage my sex adult doll?

Do not wear your silicone adult doll with dark clothes or elastic straps while you store it,

Can I get the doll with the same clothes as on the pictures?

The clothes are only for demonstration purposes. But if you want to have the same clothes, let us know so we can arrange this for you.

Can I dress up my sex doll?

Yes, you can use ordinary women’s clothes. But you should not use fabrics with dark colors or clothes with elastic bands.

Where can I find clothes for my sex doll?

You can buy clothes for your sex doll in clothing stores for women.

What material is the wig made of?

The wig on the sex doll is made of synhetic materials, same as in a real wig.

How do I repair a crack on my silicone love doll?

Should I use condom when I penetrate my realistic love doll?

If you want to simplify the cleaning process then it will be more convenient to use a condom.

What is the difference between a sex doll with standing function and a love doll without standing function?

With standing function, the doll can stand up. Without standing function, the doll can’t.

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