Sex dolls for women – male sex dolls

Sex dolls for women – male sex dolls

Women of all ages and sexual orientations will get many positive sexual benefits from realistic male sex dolls. The market for sex dolls for women is growing faster than ever. If you are a woman you are probably using boring masturbation toys such as dildo and vibrators. But there is something much better, namely life-size male dolls which will let you experience ultra-realistic sexual pleasure.

Which body parts of a man turn you on the most? Is it a large penis? Maybe muscular arms or chest? Well, the good news is that there are male sex dolls for every kind of taste.

The sex toy market for women has been flooded for years with “realistic” sex toys such as dildos and vibrators.  But they lack one thing: realism.

As a woman, you probably want to please yourself with a more realistic sex toy such as a life-like male sex toy. The good thing is that manufacturers of sex dolls have started to produce male silicone dolls – which give women the possibility to sexually enjoy a full-sized man in the form of an adult doll.

If you are interested to know more about how life-sized adult male sex dolls can improve your life, whether you are a straight, lesbian, gay or bi-curious woman, simply continue reading our article about sex dolls for women.

Height of a male sex doll

Some women find tall men sexy, while some women prefer short men. Well, the good news is that you can find real-life male dolls in every thinkable height. If you like shorter men,  you can order male sex dolls with a height of 140 cm. If you prefer taller men you can buy dolls for women with a height of 170 cm. If you are interested to check out our superb selection of silicone dolls for women with different heights, head over to our page  “adult male sex dolls” and check out our selection of sex dolls for women and men. 


Customizable life-size male dolls

Once you find your male sex doll, you might want to change something on the doll. For example, the color of the skin or the color of the eyes.  The good news is that you can customize male love dolls to fit your optimal personal preference of a real man. Want to know which features you can customize? Below we give you some examples of which parameters you can adjust on an adult male doll: 

Skin: You can customize the color of the skin on your adult male doll and choose skin tones such as dark, white and black skin.

Shoulders: Do you like men with wide shoulders? You can customize your realistic male doll to have wide shoulder.

Eyes:  You can customize the eye color on life-size male dolls and select between eye colors such as blue, green, gray and brown.

Penis size: Like men with big penises? You can customize male sex dolls with your favorite penis size. 

As you noticed above, this is just an example of what features you can customize on a male sex doll. In the end, no other sex toy will come close to the realism of a silicone male doll. 


Mental health benefits for women who own male sex dolls

Loneliness, depression and lack of intimacy are big issues in today’s society. Very often these issues are interconnected in one way or another. It can seem quite strange since, in theory, we have more ways to connect with people than ever before thanks to social media, dating sites and tons of dating apps. 

Despite that, we feel more isolated and lonely than ever. Believe it or not, but loneliness is more widespread among women than men and loneliness occurs for women of all ages. Surprisingly, loneliness is especially prevalent among single women.

When it comes to the need for socializing, women need to socialize more than. Therefore, women also need larger social circles to stay socially lubricated. When it comes to relationships, women are more relationship-oriented than men. But women are pickier than men regarding relationships. It is also more difficult for women to trust men. 

One would think that the big selection of dating apps and dating sites would help women to get more sex. But easy is not always a good thing.  If you as women have unsolved past hurts or do not want to form any emotional bonds with the men you hook up with, it’s better to get a male sex doll.

Studies show that a lack of sex can leave women depressed. Male sex dolls for women is a great way for females to experience sex with a range of benefits. For example, there is no risk of being cheated or form any emotional bonds. 

Materials used in male dolls for women

Male sex dolls are made of TPE silicone. TPE silicone allows male dolls to look and feel ultra-realistic. This means that when you touch the skin on an adult male love doll you will experience the same realistic feeling as when you touch the body of a real man. 

So what is TPE?  TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer. a mixture of rubber and plastic. What makes TPE unique? We have listed some of the unique points with TPE below:

  • TPE silicone in a lifelike male doll is softer 
  • TPE allows body parts to jiggle in a more realistic way. Body parts such as the chest, ass, penis, etc.
  • TPE is very stretchable and its material is elastic which allows you to stretch the body parts of the male sex doll
  • TPE holds the warmth better in an adult love doll
  • The TPE material used in a realistic man doll includes non-toxic materials and is 100% safe to humans with no known allergic reactions 

If you wonder, all our real-life male dolls are produced with TPE silicone material.


Male sex dolls are easy to clean and easy to store

You can easily store and clean a male sex doll and you never have to worry about any hygiene issues. So how do you clean a silicone doll for women?  By using any of the following cleaning methods below:

  • Comb
  • Mild liquid soap 
  • Mild Water
  • Vaginal irrigator
  • Soft cloth
  • Dry towel
  • Powder 
  • Baby oil
  • Vaseline

That’s the cleaning part, but how do you store a silicone male doll? Easy peasy. All you need to do is to make sure that you always store your male sex doll in a dark place such as a closet. Make sure to not expose your doll in sunlight or humid places like a bathroom –  because this can damage the skin of the doll.


Sexual positions with a male sex doll

The awesome thing about male sex dolls is that you can position them in any possible sexual position. You might wonder how this is possible. The answer is that every love male doll has a built-in metal skeleton that allows you to position the arms and legs of a male adult doll in your favorite position. Do you like to get penetrated in a cowgirl position? Simply position the male silicone doll on his back so you can ride his ultra-realistic penis. Do you want to be taken in doggy style? Simply adjust the body of the male sex doll so you can get penetrated from behind. 

male sex doll

Male sex dolls are not only for women but also made for gay, bi-curious, lesbian and gay couples

If you are a lesbian woman who fantasizes about getting penetrated by a man then a real-life male doll will suit you perfectly. Why? Because male sex dolls are perfectly suited for lesbian female couples who want to explore new ways to enhance their sex life. Are you gay or bi-curious? Then a male sex doll will be suitable for you as well. What if you are bi, gay or lesbian? No problem. A male sex doll will suit you fine and give you many benefits. For example, you can avoid complaints such as “I’m too tired for sex”. But the best part is that you do not have to worry about catching a sexually transmitted disease. 

Future of male sex dolls for women

According to a report by Mirror UK, the demand and interest for male sex dolls is growing, especially among middle-aged women. The report says that middle-aged women are ready to spend over 15 000 USD to customize their own male sex dolls. But we sell male sex dolls for a much cheaper price. 

Studies show that the market for sex toys is split between men and women, which means that at least as many women as men are interested in sex dolls. That’s why manufacturers of sex dolls have started to focus more on producing ultra-realistic silicone love dolls for women.  Are you interested in sex dolls for women? Make sure to head over to our section with realistic male sex dolls and have a look.


Sex dolls for women with advanced AI technology

A sex doll that can talk, walk, tell jokes and learn about your favorite TV shows. It is not science fiction anymore because the AI technology in male sex dolls is making huge leaps forward. Manufacturers of male sex robots are already implementing functions in male dolls that allow male dolls to tell jokes, learn your favorite songs and phrases. Too good to be true? It gets better because each doll is equipped to be connected to special smartphone apps which allows you to upgrade the software of a male sex doll. The software allows you to alter between different modes and even switch between different personality types in your doll.

Male sex dolls are more realistic and sexually satisfying than other sex toys

Most women use dildos, vibrators and other sex toys to masturbate. Even if these sex toys fulfill their purpose they lack the realism of a true life-sized male sex doll. A love doll for women will give you the feeling of actually having sex with a real man. Why? Because of the silicone material used to produce a male sex doll + the built-in skeleton which allows you to position a male silicone doll in any desirable sexual position.


Summary of male sex dolls for women

Male sex dolls are most definitely the next step in the evolution of sex toys for women, regardless of sexual orientation. Because using dildos, vibrators and other kinds of sex toys will eventually become boring and feel unrealistic.

If the market for love dolls for women keeps expanding at the current speed, scientist predicts that in 2025, women will have more sex with male sex dolls than with men. Maybe it is hard to believe, but we can surely say that women have a lot to look forward to in the future in terms of male sex dolls.  What do you think? Do you think that male sex dolls is a good or bad thing? Leave a comment below.

Do you want to buy silicone male dolls

Below you can find examples of some of our male sex dolls:


Justin is our realistic sex doll for, bi-curious gay men or women who want to get satisfied by a sex doll that feels like a real man. Not only is Justin the perfect silicone male sex doll for you who admire Justin Bieber, but he is also great if you love to get your hands down and dirty with a super realistic sex doll for women.

Justin is looking for you, are you looking at Justin? Then head over to our product page and check him out.



Do men with six-pack makes you all hot and horny? Then Anton is the perfect choice for you. He is 160 cm tall with a penis that screams to get penetrated by you. His muscular body will please you like you never have been before with a realistic sex doll.

Anton is ready for you, are you ready for the gay sex doll Anton? Take a closer look at him by check his product page.



Can’t decide whether to go for a male sex doll or a women sex doll? The answer is to buy a shemale sex doll suitable for women and men. She has a huge penis and is ready to penetrate you with burning hot passion.

If Amari looks appealing then head over to the product page and take a closer look at her body and features.



Do you like slimmed men extra big penises? Kevin is the answer for you. His silvery hair and his polished six-pack is waiting for your hands and his big penis is ready to please you in your favorite sexual positions. 

Kevin is ready for you, if you are ready for him then visit our product page and read more about him.



Walter is not an ordinary sex doll for women. He has the body of a gladiator and a hard penis that is ready to take you sideways, doggy style or any other sexual position that you admire. 

You can easily remove Walter’s penis and us it as a dildo. When you want to experience the full package of Walter then just re-attach this penis to his body and get ready for unforgettable sexual action.



Vincent looks mesmerizing and has a body that will make you go hot form the moment you put your hands on it. He is 160 cm tall with white skin and now he is ready for fun and tireless sexual adventures with you. 

Does he look good? Have a closer look at him on our product page.


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