Betsy 140 CM (DA140WHITEBH)


Betsy 140 CM (DA140WHITEBH)

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Betsy is a sex doll with wonderful excitement curves. She has 3 love holes: 18 cm deep vagina, 13 cm deep mouth and 17 cm deep vagina. Each hole feels extremely stimulating and realistic. Her skin feels soft and elastic. And she has a metal skeleton that creates realistic mobility on her arms, legs and head. Therefore, you can penetrate her into every possible human sexual position. Take her hard or soft, anal, oral or vaginal. Betsy is the sex doll who will make you come time and time again with her human-bodied, true-to-life feeling.

You can customize the doll to your liking.

It also comes with a randomly selected garment and an optional hair type at no extra cost. The doll is discreetly packaged with protective felt and packaging.

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Why buy Betsy sex doll?

Safe and certified materials

Body of TPE silicone with human realistic skin feeling.

Metal skeleton with human mobility.

Safe and sustainable.


140 cm L

140 cm M


80 cm 76 cm


48 cm 48 cm


76 cm 74 cm

Arm length

53 cm 53 cm

Leg length

66 cm 66 cm

Shoulder width

33 cm 33 cm

Net weight

25 kg 25 kg

Gross weight

32 kg 32 kg

Package size



Sound function breast:

Sound function breast and vagina:

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Sound Function


Standing Function

With Standing Function, Without Standing Function

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