Ellie 161 CM (JT16199)


Ellie 161 CM (JT16199)

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You no longer have to succumb to experiencing a woman with your dream curves. The sex doll Ellie has an amazing sexy body created from 100% realistic and natural medical TPE silicone. As you caress her body, you will feel a skin-like realistic feeling. Her full-bodied breasts are soft and move like real breasts. She has a lovely sexy ass waiting to be cared for. But the real realism you will experience as you penetrate into her stimulating realistic vagina, mouth and anus. She is always ready for sex in every possible sexual position. Because her built-in metal skeleton provides her arms, legs and head with realistic movement patterns. The sex doll Ellie is a silicone sex doll who will give you endless with sexual pleasure.

You can customize the sex doll according to your wishes.

It also comes with a randomly selected garment and an optional hair type at no extra cost. The doll is discreetly packaged with protective felt and packaging.

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Why buy Ellie’s doll?

Certified silicone by ROHS, REACH and FDA.

Body of TPE silicone with human realistic skin feeling.

Metal skeleton with human mobility.

Safe, durable and odorless.


Height 161 cm
Breast 91 cm
Waist 60 cm
Hips 84 cm
Weight 36 kg
Vagina 18 cm
Anal 17 cm
Oral 13 cm

You should keep your sex doll in dark and cool or normal room temperature. Like all silicone materials, direct sunlight risks drying out the material, ie, shorter life, so avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight.

You clean the dirty areas of the sex doll most conveniently with about 40 degrees lukewarm water. You can use dush gel or regular soap. Avoid alcoholic detergents.

NOTE! If the sex doll has built-in sound or heat function, these parts must not come into contact with liquid. The areas where these parts are mounted on the sex doll should be cleaned gently with a dry cloth.

You can bathe the sex doll for a more thorough cleaning, but this should not happen more often than at 20 day intervals, this in order to maintain the material’s long life. After showering or bathing it is recommended that you dust the sex doll with talcum powder before storing it.

NOTE! A sex doll with built-in sound or heat function must not be bathed or showered in its entirety due to the risk that the electronic parts come into contact with the liquid and thus can be destroyed.

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