Etta (JT162SMRED)


Etta (JT162SMRED)

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Looking to meet your sexual needs with a lifelike shemale sex doll? Then the sex doll Etta fits you perfectly. She is made of 100% medical TPE silicone which makes her body feel just like a real woman.

Her deep vagina will give a firm grip around your limb upon penetration and her anal promises annoyingly comfortable feeling upon penetration. She has a skeleton made of artificial multiplex metal with the latest professional technology. Shemale’s Exodus Etta will brighten your everyday life with its lifelike feel.

It comes with 4 dildos for free.

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Why buy the Etta sex doll?

Safe and certified materials.

Body of TPE silicone with human realistic skin feeling.

Metal skeleton with human mobility.

Material: TPE
Breasts: 85cm
Waist: 55cm
Hips: 75cm
Weight: 35kg

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