Gracie 140 CM (SA14032)


Gracie 140 CM (SA14032)

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Gracie has a graceful and entertainingly designed realistic body that makes you feel like you have sex with a real woman. Her downy and lean breasts and round sexy hedges offer you a realistic feel. She is made of 100% medical TPE silicone that is durable and can be stretched up to 5.5 times its length. And inside her silicone cover body, there is a steel-free metal skeleton that allows you, according to your preference, to set her in your optional sexual position. Gracie is the sex doll that imitates the feeling of a real woman to 100%.

You can customize the sex doll according to your wishes.

It also comes with a randomly selected garment and an optional hair type at no extra cost. The doll is discreetly packaged with protective felt and packaging.

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Why buy gracie sex doll?

Safe and certified materials

Body of TPE silicone with human realistic skin feeling.

Metal skeleton with human mobility.

Safe, durable and odorless.

Material : Silicone + TPE
Height: 140cm
Shafts : 34cm
Ben: 64cm
Vagina: 18cm
Anus: 17cm
Mun: 13cm
Weight: 25kg
Package size: 138 * 48 * 33 cm
Packaging : carton box (polyfoam inside)

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