Nina 148 CM (N148CM)


Nina 148 CM (N148CM)

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Nina – a sex doll which is created by 100% natural and durable silicone. Her skin texture feels smooth with the same softness as the skin on a real female body. If you like to vary positions then you can switch her body according to your sexual needs. She has a metal skeleton that creates realistic adjustable arms, legs and head. Nina becomes, therefore, never a boring sex toy, but a phenomenally immersive sex doll. She is also certified by the ROHS, REACH and the FDA as proof that she is safe, durable, and qualitiyive. You no longer need to be without a sexual partner – Nina becomes your natural sexual partner.

She also comes with a randomly chosen article of clothing and any hair type without extra cost. The doll will be discreetly packaged with protective blanket and packing.


Length: 148 cm

Upper chest: 77 cm

Lower chest: 63 cm

Waist: 52 cm

Hips: 77 cm

Shoulders: 35 cm

Leg: 80.5 cm

Thigh: 43 cm

Hands: 60 cm

Vaginal depth: 20 cm

Anal depth: 18 cm

Oral depth: 17 cm

Weight: 26.4 kg

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