Selina 158 cm (JT158SILVRY)


Selina 158 cm (JT158SILVRY)

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You can almost believe that the sex doll Selina is a real woman. Her body is extremely realistically recreated to mimic the feel of a real woman. Her big tits bobs and moves like real female breasts and her arms and legs can flexible be touched in the human positions. She has a metal skeleton with life-like mobility that allows you to position her body in any human sexual position. Selina will be your savior when your sexual need can’t be satisfied by a real woman. Buy the sex doll Selina now to experience a lifelike replacement for a real woman. She will make your innermost sexual fantasies come true and she will never leave you – instead she will always ask you for more wild boundless sex.

She also comes with a randomly chosen article of clothing and any hair type at no extra cost. The doll will be discreetly packaged with a protective blanket and packing.  

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Why buy the sex doll Selina?

Secure & certified materials.

Body of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) silicone with a human realistic skin feel.

Metal skeleton with human mobility.

 Lenght158 cm158 cm big

height without head(cm)

142 cm140 cm

Neck circumference(cm)

27 cm28 cm


36 cm37 cm


75 cm87 cm

under bust(cm)

60 cm57 cm


50 cm48 cm


83 cm83 cm

arm length(cm)

49 cm58 cm

hands (cm)

15 cm14 cm

leg length(cm)

80 cm80 cm


21 cm22 cm


12 cm12 cm


16 cm16 cm


14 cm14 cm


28.8 kg29.4 kg


148*42*31 cm

148*42*31 cm

Gross weight

40 kg60 kg


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Standing Function

With Standing Function, Without Standing Function

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