Trixy 168 CM (JT168NBSVART)


Trixy 168 CM (JT168NBSVART)

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Slink into her beautiful and naturally elastic vagina, mouth and oral opening and experience a real woman’s feeling. Unbeatable, pleasurable pleasure is promised by her lifelike vagina – containing grooved patterns for maximum realistic sexual sensation. As well as her anus and mouth that will stimulate tickling beautiful sexual pleasure. Trixy’s body surface feels silky and realistic – because it is made of 100% medical TPE silicone that gives the elasticity and realism of human skin. With her cute appearance, she always puts up the daring in any sexual position. Because Trixy has been manufactured with a fully movable metal skeleton – Trixy puts on any sexual posing according to your wishes. Looking for a realistic and realistic sex doll that can give you unbeatable sexual excitement? Buy the sex doll Trixy.

This doll is sold with the face as in the pictures.

It also comes with a randomly selected garment and an optional hair type at no extra cost. The doll is discreetly packaged with protective felt and packaging.

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Why buy the Trixy sex doll?

Certified silicone by ROHS, REACH and FDA.

Body of TPE silicone with human realistic skin feeling.

Metal skeleton with human mobility.

Safe, durable and odorless.


 Lenght 168 cm 168 cm big

height without head(cm)

150 cm 150 cm

Neck circumference(cm)

28 cm 28 cm


37 cm 37 cm


80 cm 87 cm

under bust(cm)

62 cm 58 cm


58 cm 50 cm


80 cm 87 cm

arm length(cm)

61 cm 61 cm

hands (cm)

15 cm 15 cm

leg length(cm)

90 cm 90 cm


21 cm 21 cm


12 cm 12 cm


16 cm 16 cm


14 cm 14 cm


32.4 kg 33 kg


160*42*31 cm

154*41*29 cm

Gross weight

45 kg 48 kg

Additional information


Sound Function


Standing Function

With Standing Function, Without Standing Function

Body Heat Function

With Body Heat Function, Without Body Heat Function

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