Vincent (JT160JEANS)


Vincent (JT160JEANS)

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Looking to meet your sexual needs with a lifelike male sex doll? Then the Vincent doll fits you perfectly. He is made of 100% medical TPE silicone which makes his body feel like a real man.

Alvin has a skeleton made of artificial multiplex metal with the latest professional technology. Then the Sex Doll Vincent will brighten your everyday life with its lifelike feel.

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Why buy Vincent’s doll ?

Secure & amp; certified materials.

Body of TPE silicone with human realistic skin feeling.

Metal skeleton with human mobility.


Length : 160CM

Upper bust : 78cm

waist sp 66cm

Höfter : 80cm

Weight with head : 31KG

Feet: 21cm

Anus: 17cm

Mun: 13cm

Dildos: 2, 16cm and 21cm

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