Men & women will mainly have sex with sex robots by 2050

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Men & women will mainly have sex with sex robots by 2050

Men & women will mainly have sex with sex robots by 2050

Sex robots are here to stay. Yes, this prediction is made by experts on AI and love robots. We have tons of stats and surveys which back up this claim in this article. To give you a hint, every other teen will lose their virginity to a sex robot by 2050. 

Do you know what the biggest reason is for why men and women will have more sex with pleasure robots by 2050? The answer is simple, it’s our modern dating scene which includes far too many frustrating elements. 

First and foremost, you need to spend tons of time and money on online dating sites and dating apps such as Tinder. When you finally have matched with someone that seems to be like the perfect match you will suddenly face other unexpected issues. For example, the person might not look like on the pictures. But that’s just minor problems because you will face bigger long-term challenges. For example, your partner might cheat on you in your relationship. Or you might create undesirable emotional bonds to your sex partner. Do you know what’s even worse?  Your partner might carry emotional baggage from past relationships which will affect your relationship in negative ways.

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So, what is the solution to healthy relationships and sex? Love robots, available both for men and women.

The sex robot industry is making huge advancements and will revolutionize the way we have sex and relationships. Leading experts and scientists on AI and adult robots think that by 2050, most people will have sex with sex doll robots rather than having sex with people. Experts also believe that there will soon be male and love robots that look like humans. This means? That it will be difficult to tell sex robots apart from their human counterparts.

Sounds unbelievable? Not at all. 

There are already love robots on the market with artificial intelligence with technology that allows sensual robots to have intelligent conversations with you.

If you think that sounds impressive, it just gets better and more realistic. Because in the future, love robots will also be able to make facial expressions and even blink with their eyes. Furthermore, sex robots for women and men are built with advanced skeleton technology that enables realistic movements on their arms and legs.

Are you the lazy type with no energy to clean or cook? In the future, you can have a fuck robot that can cook and clean efficiently in your own house. Or maybe prepare a cigarette for both of you after sex. 

sex robots

Now you should understand the potential that adult robots will have for you and our mankind in the future – both for sex and relationships. Still not convinced of the hype around robot dolls for men and women? We assure you will change your mind if you keep reading our article about love robot advancements and how sex robots work. What are you waiting for?  Let’s get started below.

Benefits of sex robots for men and women:

  • Love robots can replace physical human beings
  • Sex robots for men bring emotional and physical connection
  • Improves mental well-being such as depression and decreases loneliness
  • Promotes healthy and safe sex without the risk of getting a sexual disease
  • Sex robots for women will be able to sense emotions and build emotional bonds with you
  • You are able to have fulfilling human-like relationships with please robots and even get married to sex robots. 
  • Robots for love will not only be great for sex but also for companionship and serious relationships
  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies

robotic sex dolls

Benefits of sex robots for a wide range of people in our society:

  • Realistic sex robots will provide lonely elderly people with companionship 
  • Advanced adult love robots will be able to substitute the wife/husband of a partner who has lost his spouse
  • AI sex dolls for women and men can be used for therapeutic purposes for people who have sexual dysfunctions or sexual anxieties
  • Adule robots will reduce rape and sexual frustration in prisons
  • Male and female robots will help socially anxious people to have sex
  • Sex robots will help HIV/AIDS infected people to have sex

Robot dolls combat porn addiction among young men – a study claims that porn is the primary tool for learning about sexuality.

Sex robots artificial intelligence and technology

The AI in today’s sex robots has been programmed with advanced functions that allow love robots to have conversations with you, make different facial expressions and even blink.

Love robots are also trained to learn to connect with you on a deeper personal level. This means that robot love dolls can memorize your favorite movies or quotes.

Do you have a favorite sexual position? Love robots have built-in software which can remember your favorite sexual positions and suggest them for you during your sexual intercourse. Love robots have software which can be upgraded and controlled with the help of special apps on smartphones. This means that you are able to add new personality types to your male or female robot +  many other cool features.

And you know what? Thanks to the built-in microphone and speakers, robot sex dolls can actively listen to your words and respond to your questions – exactly like humans. Another cool thing is that realistic sex robots will be able to tell whether you are joking or being serious. This means that when you crack a joke your love robot will laugh and when you are serious and sarcastic the robot will respond appropriately. And who knows what the future of love robots will bring for sex toy enthusiasts.


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The technology used in the body of a sex robot

Sex robots that can walk are manufactured with technology that enables its arms and legs to move exactly like a real human being. That means that a sex robot can use its arms to touch you or hold objects. Or walk around in your house and help you perform your daily tasks like clean, cook or even walk your dog. 

But will love robots be able to breathe? Yes, pleasure robots that breathe are already available with a built-in chest cavity that allows realistic adult robots to breathe like real human beings.  

What about body heating and experiencing the silk, smooth and warm skin of an aroused woman or man?  That’s possible because the sex robot technology includes internal heating systems that recreate the body temperature of a woman or man.

Do you like foreplay? Recent sex bot advancements have equipped sensual robots with built-in sensors in its body. This means that sensual robots will react when you touch it anywhere on its body. 

adult sex doll robot

Customize your perfect sex robot

Have you always wanted to meet your perfect dream woman or dream with the perfect body? In the future, you will be able to customize your perfect body of a man or women by customizing the following features on a robot sex doll: 

  • Eye color: blue, green, brown or a special color
  • Personality: sassy, shy, introverted, extroverted
  • Voice tone and speech pattern
  • Hair color: brown, dark, blond
  • Breast size: big, small, medium
  • Ass size: huge, small
  • Adjust touch sensors
  • Select conversation topics: politics, sports, movie or any special interest
  • Switch between different sexual modes such as a foreplay mode
  • Hip size
  • Length

+ Many other parameters.

love robot

Sex robots as an alternative to sex with real women or men

There are many reasons to consider buying a sex robot for sex as a substitute for having sex with a real man or a woman. Here are some reasons:

  • Sex robots are built with special skeletons to mimic the articulation of the human body which allows sex robots to create your favorite sexual positions


  • You can customize personality types for a pleasure robot 2019. When you get tired of a personality type. simply switch to another personality type


  • Love robots are tireless when it comes to sex and will only stop when you tell it to stop


  • You can upgrade sex robots for men and women with new sexual modes such as a seduction mode which enables you to seduce the sexbot and make it horny for sex, in other words, a foreplay mode. This means that you can turn on an adult love robot by touching its face, hands, breast and vagina.
  • Pleasure robots are hygienic and will have self-cleaning vagina, anus and mouth


You do not necessarily have to have sex with sex robots. Why?  Because you can also use love robots for socializing. Or when you need someone to sit next to you when you watch TV. Or whenever you feel lonely and need some kind of closeness of a real human being. That’s why love robots are ideal for both sex and serious relationships. 

sex love robotsRealistic sex robots can have different personalities

Sex robots are equipped with a lot of various personality types. You are able to set up a love doll robot to learn your favorite phrases, jokes and poems. A silicone love robot will even be able to learn about your favorite books, music and food. What about sex doll robots that can cook and clean efficiently? Yes, that will also be possible.

Current sex robots for sale have built-in technology to switch between many different personality types. For example, you can set the personality to happy, moody, jealous or sensual. 

Do you fancy French or German languages? For example, female and men fuck robots will be able to speak in your desired language and respond to your questions in your preferred language.

You can upgrade personality types, language settings and many other features on a love robot. How? With special apps and software on a smartphone which gives you total control of each and every setting on your sex robot. 

Furthermore, you will be able to adjust the body temperature thanks to a built-in internal heating system and also fine-tune settings for the vagina on sex robots for sale. For example, there are adult robots with self-lubricating vaginas. You can even set the sensitivity for the touch sensors on the female or male robot.

Adult love robots

What do the studies and predictions say about love robots in the future?

Experts on AI and love robots predict that in the coming years, people will start having adult love doll robots in their homes. Furthermore, experts believe that robots for sex will look, feel and behave exactly like humans.

Here are some predictions on the future of love robots according to experts:

2025: Love robots will be more common among the rich

2050: Sex with robots will be more common than sex with humans

Regarding studies and surveys, a study made in 2017 concluded that 50% of Americans believe that in 50 years, most people will have sex with a sex robot.

Another survey showed that most men are willing to have sex with love robots within the next 5 years. 

Back in 2007, David Levy wrote a book titled ” Love and Sex with robots” where he predicted the following:  by 2050 most sexual relationships will occur with sex robots.

But David Levy went further and claimed that humans will also find love, friendship and even marriage with advanced love robots for men & women. Studies have shown that people can fall in love and even emphasize with sex robots. 

Another fascinating claim was made by the futurologist Ian Pearson who is known for having an accuracy rate of 85% for his predictions. He predicted that by 2015, the sex robot industry is so advanced that people will have more sex with intelligent love dolls than with people. Ian Pearson also predicted that by 2025, women will prefer having sex with adult robots rather than having sex with men. 

sex bots

Furthermore, both men and women are open to having sex with robots. According to a study made by, 31% of men and 26% of women answered that they would have sex with a pleasure robot.

Another study done by Tufts University concluded similar positive views towards sex robots –  where 2 thirds of the men answered that they would have sex with an intelligent love robot.

AI robot doll

In Finland, a study was made by the University of Helsinki where a total of 432 participants were surveyed.  The purpose of the study was to research our attitudes towards sex with sex robots. Participants were presented on their views of sex robots in 4 different scenarios:

  1. An unmarried man visits a love robot brothel
  2. An unmarried man visits a brothel with humans
  3. A married man visits an adult robot brothel
  4. A married man visits a brothel with humans

The conclusion of the study? The participants thought that having sex with a sex robot is better than having sex with a human sex worker, no matter if you are single or married.  You can read the full study here. 

But could we fall in love with love robots? Yes, according to a study made by MIT Technology Review which researched our attitudes towards having sex with intelligent robots.  In this study, 19% said they could fall in love with an AI love robot while 36% said maybe.

So what do all these studies tell us about sexual robots? That both sex and relationships with love-making robots have positive implications and who knows what the future will bring in the sensual robot industry. 

Love robots improve mental health for all kinds of people 

According to studies done between men and women on their views of love robots, most men and women are favoring love robots in the following scenarios:

Sex robot:

..instead of cheating on a partner?

…instead of prostitutes?

.for sex education?

..for disabled people?

…for sex offenders?

…to improve hormone levels of people with infrequent sex lives?

…to improve self-esteem and overall psychological health? 

.for group sex such as mixed human-robot group sex?

..for pornographic movies? engage in unusual sex practice such as rough sex or sadistic behavior?

The survey was done in the US between 103 people which included 57 males and 43 females with an average age of 33.43, minimum age of 20 and maximum age of 61. You can read the full study on sex robots here. 

sex bot realistic

What are the reasons for such positive views on love robots? It can be because our society is more dependent than ever on technology, especially to socialize and date. But there is a dark side to the technology: social media and dating apps are making us feel lonely. Loneliness is dangerous to our health, in fact, loneliness is associated with a 50% increase in death rates. 

Not only is loneliness dangerous, but loneliness also leads to sexlessness. Both for lonely people and people in marriages. In a study made in the UK, almost a third of married couples were sexless and studies have shown that lack of sex leads to depression. 

So what is the solution to the loneliness and depression epidemy? Love robots. 

Because we are already hardwired to be dependant on technology to meet our partners for sex or relationships. That’s why love robots will be the next natural step for us when it comes to sex and relationships.

Since we already are hardwired to use technology in our daily life to communicate and date it will be a natural next step in our evolution to embrace love robots. Smartphones and computers make us more isolated and distance us from our partners. This leads to sexual frustration and depression. That’s why manufacturers of robot dolls have come to rescue by putting up sex robots for sale to tackle these issues.

love robot

Sex robots promote safe sex

It is safer to have sex with sex robots and there is no risk to get a sexually transmitted disease. That’s why brothels around the world have started to replace human sex workers with sex robots. Currently, there are brothels will adult robots in the following cities: Vienna, Austria, Toronto, Vancouver, Canada, Aarhus, Denmark, Helsinki, Finland, Paris, France, Dortmund, Germany, Turin, Italy, Nagoya, Japan, Moscow, Russia, Barcelona, Spain, and Lucerne, Switzerland.

Besides being a safer and more hygiene friendly option for brothels, love  robots are also much safer for private us. Because you do not have to use a condom when you have sex with a love robot.

Summary of sex robots

Now when you read our sex robots article you should be able to understand why sex robots will have an enormous impact on our sex life and relationships in the future. Currently, adult robots for men and women can already replace sex and relationships with humans. And with technology that enables sex robots to react to your touch, remember your face, learn your favorite movies, quotes and much more it can only mean that there are exciting times ahead for the market of robotic love dolls. What do you think of love robots? Will they become the future of sex and relationships and will sex robots 2020 be even more realistic? Leave your comments below. Remember, make sure to follow our blog to get the latest news on female and male sex robots.


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