About Dindoll sex dolls

TPE sex dolls

About Dindoll sex dolls

TPE sex dolls – Questions & Answers about Dindoll sex dolls

What material is the body of the Dindoll TPE sex dolls made of?

The body and parts of the body on the Dindoll sex dolls are made of 100% medical TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) silicone of the highest quality. TPE silicone reproduces the life-like smooth, elastic and soft human skin-like feel of a real woman in a realistic human way.

Below you can see examples of how dry and wet skin on a Dindoll TPE sex doll could look like:

Dry skin:

TPE sex dolls

TPE sex dolls

Sex doll  Elsie

Wet skin:

TPE sex dolls

TPE sex dolls

Benefits of medical TPE silicone:

  • – Flexible: Can be stretched up to 5 times its length and return to its original shape.
  • – Recyclable.
  • – Allergy-friendly – You get no bodily allergic reactions
  • – Water-resistant
  • – 100% realistic skin-like feel
  • – Slip resistant body surface area
  • – Shock-absorbing
  • – Heat preserving
  • – Can withstand both water-based and silicone-based cleansers
  • – Non-porous
  • – Anti-dirt surface – nothing sticks on the body
  • – Easy to clean

Can I position the body on the Dindoll sex doll according to my wishes?

Each Dindoll TPE ex doll has an artificial stainless-multiplex-metal skeleton developed with the latest professional technology. Therefore, you can freely customize each part of the body on the Dindoll sex doll such as the legs, arms, hands, feet and head in any humanly possible position. It allows you to enjoy every Dindoll sex doll in any sexual position.

How do I store a Dindoll sex doll?

Keep sex doll in a dry place. Avoid exposing the doll in direct sunlight for longer periods of time. After use, place the sex doll in its original delivered body position with the hands placed down. Avoid leaving the sex doll positioned in the highly stretched positions, such as sitting position for longer periods of time.

How does the heating function work?

The Dindoll dolls with warm-up function feature 220V AC heating rods (electric heating wires) and have a main power switch with a temperature adjustment button and a temperature control device.

The heating time is approximately one hour. If you feel that the temperature is sufficient, then immediately turn off the power switch.

How do I clean a Dindoll sex doll?

You can easily clean the doll’s body area and the vagina, mouth and anus after use with warm water and mild soap, or water-based cleaners. Be sure to dry the doll thoroughly with a towel before putting it away for storage. If you have decided to buy a Dindoll sex doll with a detachable vagina so you can easily take it out for cleaning. Remove the head and wash it separately and avoid wetting the head with water. Remember to remove the hair only and avoid wetting the eyelashes. Do not use a hair dryer to wash the hair let your hair dry naturally.

You should wash the sex doll every 30 days with mild shower gel. When the skin becomes sticky wash it with cornstarch. Wash the sex doll after each use and store it in a dry and cool place with cornstarch coating on the skin. Remember to always keep sex doll clean both before and after use.

How long is the shelf-life of the Dindoll sex dolls?

Each Dindoll sex doll has a shelf life of between 3 – 10 years. In order to increase their shelf-life should you follow the recommendations for cleaning and storage of sex doll. Make sure not to expose sex doll for extreme weights or sharp objects. As long as you treat the doll as carefully as a real woman so she will remain sustainable. Dindoll sex dolls can withstand weights of a maximum of 130 kg.

In order to maintain sex doll’s skin smooth and lifelike glossy, you can use baby powder. Avoid dropping or tearing in the sex doll’s body in an unnatural way. Avoid leaving the doll in the sun for long hours because it can damage the skin and shorten the life.

Do the materials of the Dindoll sex doll contain any harmful substances?

Absolutely not. The material on the Dindoll sex dolls are 100% safe for the human body and contains no toxic or allergic-induced itchy substances.All of our sex dolls are safe, sustainable (long lifespan) and composed by material certified by ROHS, REACH & The FDA.  

How do I attach the head on the Dindoll sex doll?

See below:

TPE sex dolls

TPE sex dolls

Can I tailor each Dindoll sex doll?

Yes, of course! You can tailor the face style and body style on each Dindoll sex doll according to your preferences. You see the customizable options you have for each sex doll on the respective product page for each sex doll.

Usually you can tailor each Dindoll sex doll with the following options:

  • Standing function
  • Hair color
  • Breast size
  • Vaginahair
  • Eye color

If you do not find a suitable sex doll, you can also create your sex doll

How does the vaginal anatomy look on a Dindoll sex doll?

The vagina is created of 100% medical TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) silicone with ribbed and uneven texture that recreates the anatomy and true-to-life feeling of a real womans vagina. You can usually choose to get a Dindoll sex doll with either a fixed or removable vagina. The advantage of having a detachable vagina is that it will be easier to clean.


TPE sex dolls

TPE sex dolls

Below you see a picture of how the vagina on a Dindoll sex doll could look like:

TPE sex dolls

TPE sex dolls

Below you see a picture of how the anus on a Dindoll sex doll could look like:

TPE sex dolls

TPE sex dolls

How are the Dindoll sex dolls packaged?

Each Dindoll TPE sex doll is packed compact and secure in a 15 millimeters thick Cardboard box (stronger than traditional Cardboard box) that is delivered to you in a 100% discreet shipment – without any reference to the shipment’s content or that you have ordered from Dindoll. Sex doll is swept in with padding and a thin blanket. The head of the sex doll is supplied separated from the body.

A picture of the discreet package:

Here is how each Dindoll sex doll is packaged:

Can I be sure that my purchase is carried out 100% anonymously and safely?

Absolutely. You can be sure that your purchase is always carried out 100% safe and 100% anonymous. Dindoll.com is secured with 256-bit SSL and ensures the highest security of your purchase. We will never send on your information to third parties and your information always remains 100% safely stored with the highest confidentiality.

Your purchase receipt at purchase does not indicate any direct reference to either Dindoll or sex doll at either card payment or bank transaction, instead, it is the name of the company that owns Dindoll.com.

Can I bath or shower the Dindoll sex doll?

You can shower or bathe Dindoll sex doll as long as you don’t place the entire doll’s head under the water. Because the metal parts of the head is separately connected with the doll’s metal skeleton and can affect the metal parts quality when you place the entire doll’s head under the water.

If there is sound function or a heating function, do not allow these parts to come in contact with water as they may be hazardous or destroy the parts. Instead, use a cloth and wash the area by hand.

NOTE: We do not sell used / secondhand sex dolls. All our sex dolls are original and manufactured according to your wishes in our factory in China.

If I can’t find my desired Dindoll sex doll, can you help me?

No problem! We regularly update our range with new TPE sex dolls. But would you not find your desired sex doll, you can email us at info@dindoll.com and state your preferences.

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